3 Lazy Home Organization Tips

There are a variety of ways to get your home organized, and an equal number of reasons to get things organized. One of the biggest motivating factors is due to taking on a new hobby that involved playing an instrument. Adding an instrument to your home may mean you are focused on pedal extenders and an adjustable piano bench, but soon you realize your sheet music storage just is not enough. In another case, you may start a new hobby that has nothing to do with music but you find the room cluttered and needing organization. You may have just let things go and now they are out of control. Regardless of the reason, it is important to get things organized so you can enjoy your space and focus on your new hobby.

Example: I want to create a beautiful, serene living space to care for my new child. I want my home free of clutter so we have room to breathe and grow.

If you have a plan, it will work out better. Just remember that you can never control all the factors, so be ready to let go and not take it too seriously. Unless you are involved in a life threatening activity, stay focused and take necessary risks, without fearing a life-death scenario. You always have choices. Do not allow yourself to feel “painted into a corner.” Boring jobs are stressful and potentially unhealthy, so consider your options if you find yourself in a work situation that is not using your full potential. Even if it takes time to investigate and then to retrain or Collect to dos, you can make efforts to move yourself into a more positive situation. It helps to focus on the end goals and results as you move along your path.

Schedule cleaning frenzies. In my family we utilize what some of my friends refer to as “cleaning frenzies” to give our house a fast clean up. These frenzies usually last from ten minutes up to an hour. The trick is requiring everyone to participate, including the kid and husbands. We scurry about picking up, putting back, and generally tidying and organizing things. We may focus on one room or the entire house. Sometimes it is a task driven, like dusting or organizing all the closets! It is guaranteed To do list online make a big impact in a short amount of time. Even one ten minute session a day goes a long way in keeping mess and frustration down.

Take care of it in little pieces. Clean up a little here one day and clean up a little there the next. When you’ve been living in a mess for so long, it takes a little getting used to the idea of having everything cleaned up and organized.

Most of the time, it’s fear of decision making. Making decisions is time consuming, requires research, involves commitment and you could get it wrong. All pretty reasonable excuses for avoiding it.

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