6 Steps To Optimize Your Seo Time

You finally decided to start a blog. You’ve researched and written quality content. You publish articles on a regular basis. But people still aren’t commenting! What do you do? Throw in the towel and accept blogger’s defeat? Absolutely not! There are some very practical things that you can do to get the blogging party started.

There are seven Bhutanese refugee camps in the eastern part of Nepal. Six of them are in the Jhapa district and one is in the Morang district. Caritas Nepal, a non governmental organization supports the education of the Bhutanese refugee children up to the 10th Grade. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees(UNHCR) supports the refugees for food, shelter and health care.

blog regularly. Besides a forum, you should also start a collections where you can write about your thoughts and insights on the topic related to your site. You don’t have to post every day. But make it a regular habit of posting one article a week.

Allow readers to subscribe to your categories through RSS so they can be alerted when a new articles is posted in a topic they’re interested in. This is a great way to ensure that your audience returns whenever you add new content and that it gets read and shared with others.

You can clone yourself online. I’m not referring to some science fiction technology involving the creation of a “mini-me”. Rather, you want to create an experience of you that is available to prospective clients, without you having to actually be there. Your “clone” creates a feeling of confidence in your prospective customer base — a feeling that you’re a real, live human being whom your prospective client can reach out and touch whenever needed.

“How do I do that?” you ask. It’s simple, all the stuff that you learnt when you were raising your kids is the ideal basis for online work for stay at home moms.

Spread the word. Once you’re able to make your first sale, talk about it in your website or anywhere that matters. Of course, the polite way to do this is to ask permission from your buyer first. You can even post your client’s testimonial in your blog or website. Now, you are ready to do some more business.