A Passion For Pink Wedding Favors

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A lot of couples spend substantial amounts on wedding favours. Keep in mind a wedding favour is only supposed to be a token of appreciation. Something small and meaningful is oftentimes more powerful than a high-priced favour which will only end up in someone’s drawer. Why not consider a personalized key-chain? (this can double up as a place card, killing two birds with one stone!) Other popular options are sweet tables, customized candy singapore or a bottle of wine with a personalized label. The phrase “personalized” is the keyword here – your attendees must still feel that you’ve gone through some trouble when choosing their favours.

If you want chocolate flakes or chunks, but don’t want the hassle of melting, pouring and other steps, simply purchase personalized chocolates. Use a handheld potato peeler to make flakes. Or, pound the candy between two pieces of wax paper to make chunks. It’s so easy anyone can do it.

The problem arises when you go out to buy a gift! What to buy for her! How to make her happy and feel special! There is nothing that she does not have, what to buy then! Such questions keep coming in your mind. You are not alone, most people find themselves in a mess when it comes to buy gifts for anybody. Whether you are buying birthday gift, gifts for dad or presents for brother, you would feel overwhelmed to see the long list of gift items in a gift store.

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