A Poker Card Protector Can Be Just About Anything Even If It Is Half Nuts

Annie Duke may not have won her first World Series of Poker Bracelet until 2004 but she is still one of the most feared poker players around the ring games at The Bellagio in Las Vegas. Annie’s long-overdue WSOP bracelet came with a win at the “forgotten game” of Omaha Hi-Lo.

9- master gambling players never pass up the opportunity to learn something new. Their brain is never full. Master salespeople are always taking a course, reading a book or attending a seminar.

Some cheaters prefer to mark their cards by using what is called shading. They will use a very fine ink to change part of the design on the back of the card. It requires the cheater to be very precise with his markings, but if he does a good job, no one but him will ever notice the marking.

Cheaters card markings are usually just small changes to the back of the cards. They may be scratches, change in design of the card, or possibly a bend in one corner of the card.

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If you were caught bluffing in a earlier hand, but now actually have a good hand, use that to your advantage. Other players will think you’re bluffing and bet big to push you out or think they’ll win big if they do, but you know better.

And, one of the most important rules of etiquette is to be silent. Even if you’ve been dealt an awesome hand and the community cards only make it better, there is a chance someone else can beat you. You don’t want to have to eat crow later. Also, don’t comment on others’ actions, previous hands or games, your hand, opponents’ hands and any other time you consider speaking, really. Choose your words carefully. It can protect your hand and others’ hands.