A Quick Guide To Government Grants For Small Businesses

Apparently while he was working his members for the vast wealth he has accumulated; and while living in a multi-million dollar home; and driving an auto with an outrageous price tag, he has been accused of doing the very thing he preached against.

Most likely you believed what your parents told you: you believed what the priest or rabbi told you; you believed what school taught you, you believed in your Earth Shape leaders, you believe in what the 5 0’clock News, ie the media tells you.

These are just a small portion of the freedoms that we allow in modern capitalism which restrict the freedoms of the masses. The net freedom loss we see is visible to those who truly look, but those who have the power to change things (which is to say, those who are in power, with power being equated to money in this capitalist society) have the least incentive to change things (and, in fact, the greatest incentive to prevent change).

Complete those small, nagging tasks — Sometimes you may ignore some task that just seems to be a bother. However, if that task is important it must be done. You might want to schedule a time when you can get all of your small, nagging tasks completed. Then you can put them out of Governmental Corruption your mind.

The youth of the world are so lost in immediate gratification that they appear soulless. Superficiality is the call to arms in today’s money driven society. Greed is the synonym for politicians. Control is the synonym for religion. Wasted is the synonym for youth. Why is that?

4) The freedom of inheritance allows the “family” to remain an unending class unit in society, meaning that meritocratic reward is an essential impossibility, due to a lack of fair opportunity for all. The use of the freedom of inheritance robs many of the fair opportunity to compete, the fair opportunity for education, and so on. The “right of blood” is a classic concept that goes back to the ideas of nobility, royalty, and aristocracy, but one that is outdated and requires dissolution.

That we are all equal, not merely the wealthy. Not merely those born in a position of privilege (and I include myself in that category). That we must have freedom and the ability to pursue happiness – both of which are interfered with deeply by the current workings of Capitalist society.

Also, stop saying how much you love this country!!! Your family loved the USA so much you joined the Alaska Independence Party, which wanted Alaska to succeed from the union, and now you want to run the rest of us?