All About Hair Extensions – A To Z Information That You Need

For a woman, hair is considered as her crown. The longer it is, the more beautiful you are in the eyes of everyone. Also, with longer hair, more hairstyles can be tried on you. Sometimes, this can be the most fun thing to play with. Short hairstyles sometimes click and you go for it because you saw how it looked good on others and assumed that it will be the same for you. But what happens if it doesn’t? Hair extensions can help you get rid of the frustration you’re having with your hair.

Don’t get hair extensions that are more than twice as long as your current hair length. Unless your hair’s in excellent condition, extensions that are too long will put too much stress on your locks.

There are two main factors that determine just how long you can hold on to your artificial locks. One is the type of hair extension you bought. hand tied wefts come in two general types – virgin hair and fiber hair.

Clip three tied hair extensions onto this base layer, with the outside two first, then the centre clip in between. Take care not to clip your extensions too close to the scalp as this may pull or cause discomfort.

Even if your hair extensions are of excellent quality they will tangle without proper care. Keep the hair clean but when washing keep your head upright…best done in the shower. Carefully but gently brush the extensions below the point of attachment.. Wash with a low ph shampoo and treat with a good quality conditioner. With bonded extensions, the bonding material may deteriorate with the use of shampoos and conditioners. Consult your hairdresser.

Now, you need to place this storage container in a place which is away from sunlight. This is important because excessive sun exposure can lighten the color of extensions, eliminating the originality of your hair. For this reason, a drawer or a closet is an ideal place for your extensions.

The clip-in hair extensions are a quick method of applying extensions that you can do yourself, but most other extensions require a qualified professional to get the most natural looking results and to limit any damage done to your hair. The key to correctly applying any extensions is to do so in a way that they are not noticeable and blend with your natural hair.