Apps To Help Promote A Mixtape Online

Social media is a big deal today in the job market. Many hiring managers are using social media websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to find out as much as they can about job candidates before bringing those people in for a job interview. If you are ready to start applying for a job, before you hit the submit button on that application, you may want to take a look at your social media profiles to find out what a potential hiring manager might think of it. Do you have skeletons haunting your social media profiles so much so that you cannot get a job with your job search?

IBM and Sun MicroSystems have blogs where they build a fan following. Starbucks polls its customers to find out what works and what doesn’t. Burger King made Facebook users sacrifice (delete) 10 friends in exchange for a free whopper – it was a huge hit!

It may be common sense not to rely on a single source of income (like AdSense profits alone), but it’s surprising how many bloggers do. Earnings are hardly ever steady, and rarely can you pay all your bills every month with a single check (or funds transfer) you’ve earned. The few who can are putting themselves at risk- if their source of money dries up, they have nothing to fall back on. Don’t put yourself in that position.

Now that your content is properly prepped with keywords, concentrate on increasing your external links. Search engines love external linking (called backlinking in the industry); they weigh them positively when they are considering your website’s search ranking position. Find every opportunity you can to increase the amount of locations that link back to your content. A great place to begin is through social media. You can announce your new content immediately on your personal site. If it helps with a solution to someone’s problem, offer them advice and pass on the link. The goal is to soon have others passing the link on as well so that more and more people have quality link backs to your site.

When doing social media marketing, be certain you respond to those who ask questions or comment. It can be easy to not see these things, so be certain to look especially for them.

Do not connect your personal and professional Facebook accounts. You probably don’t want your followers to social media profiles know too much about your personal life. If you don’t want customers or others to find you on Facebook, use a nickname.

Businesses are cutting back by not attending or postponing trade shows and conferences. This drastically impacts the goals of a sales team who may normally rely on these events to fill their pipeline, earn commissions, thus feeding their family & paying their mortgage. Seeing a company make this decision, and then seeing same company has no presence on LinkedIn literally saddens me. When used to its fullest, proactively, and with proper etiquette, you will see your pipeline grow and sales soar. As a side bonus, your cold calling can head to the grave. Even those cold calling for 20 years tell me it is still the most dreaded part of their day.

Organically building inbound links is the way to improve your site’s ranking. Choose quality over quantity. Start building a few and continue to add to it each week.