Badminton Rackets And Injuries

If you are searching for an outdoor badminton kit, then here ends your search. This is a kit which provides you with all your needs to play an outdoor badminton match. This kit helps to set your own match starting from the net to the rackets. This kit contains four highly durable badminton rackets made of tempered steel. These Rackets are very much weightless but you should never guess its strength with its weight since its strength is multifold times its weight. This is the special light weight collection. The throat of the racket provides high strength and stiffness to the racket. This also helps to soften the impact on the racket.

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Badminton was first played by the children in India. It was formerly known to be battledore. The name changed to badminton because of the Duke who used to play this sport in one hall named Badminton House. There have been a lot of changes that were introduced to the game. You may play with one opponent or singles or you can have a partner to play against two people or doubles.

Badminton is a good game for the family. It is somewhat like tennis because in both games an object is hit over a net with rackets. But the badminton court is smaller, even smaller than a paddle tennis court, the racket is also stringed like in lawn tennis but lighter, and, this is the main difference, a feathered shuttlecock is hit instead of a ball.

Even moderate exertion for a body part over time can greatly increase its size and strength. Although I have lifted for decades (both sides of my body equally), my right shoulder and arm are dramatically larger than the left from tens of thousands of overhand swings of a badminton racket weighing only a few ounces. Many athletes develop significant musculature in the legs without ever lifting heavy weights. Softball pitchers can develop strength and size in the pitching arm almost double that of the other. Assuming you are reasonably lean, your weight reflects the capacity of your frame. A 150-pound person lifting 250 pounds is asking for trouble because 150 pounds is designed to hold 150 pounds.

Before starting the game, a coin is tossed to decide which of the teams or players would serve or receive first, and which side of the court they like to start the play. The option rests with the winner, and the loser accepts the other part.

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