Branding Yourself – An Inspiratonal Marketing Idea

Yesterday, I was having a conversation and a topic came up, namely Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher’s marriage. In my musings, I later recalled thinking that I don’t know this woman or this man. Why do I care about their personal life? I wouldn’t normally care about a stranger’s marital problems. Why are the details of these people, whom I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting, so important that I am engaging in an entire conversation based on their life. That is essentially the question that we all should be asking. These people allegedly had something bad happen to them and now they are media fodder.

If you have marketed for a while you should know that nobody wants to be sold to. So, if you’re sending tweets on Send me a tweet that link directly to an offer you’re seriously shooting yourself in the foot!

Two words that are simple but very powerful. When someone retweets, comments on your blog or leaves a message on your Facebook, say thank you. It doesn’t take a lot of effort and shows your human side and as someone who cares and is approachable.

The issue is that goals are often made up in our heads and worked on in our heads as well. That may sound like an okay course of action, but really it’s not. If you make a goal solely in your head without writing out a visual and concrete plan of action to get you there, then it is very easy to head off track and do things your emotions tell you to do, and that can end up not being very productive. This is why many people end up taking too many paths towards their goals, some of those path go in circles, and many people never actually make it to their destination goal.

Master video marketing. Create your own videos and post them to video-sharing websites like YouTube, which is visited by hundreds of thousands of people from around the world.

First of all they’re not and we’ve got over 60,000 people in our downline to prove it. But second of all if there’s anything more free than talking, then I don’t know what it is. Not only that but it’s likely that you dropped a good penny on your network marketing business kit when you joined, and if the opportunity you joined is worth it’s salt then there are some great promotional tools in there for you to use, so USE THEM! They’ve likely been tested and tweaked to work like crazy.

Only after you have completed today’s assignment one and two should you read your affirmations (and going forward also read the previous day’s journal entry and plan as well before you go to bed). Today’s assignments should put you in a more receptive mood.

Not only is this free advertisement, but it also is a way of branding myself. If you want to use the Internet as a way of making yourself and your name recognizable always remember these two thing and that is to always be careful WHAT and WHERE you post, because you never know when it will come back to haunt you!