Career Transition Resumes – How To Create A Convincing One

I was at a chamber mixer the other evening and attendees were exchanging business cards to anyone that would take one. I found it interesting that most were full color with UV or matte coating and they all had one thing in common, the fact that none of them stood out. The people that handed them out were nice people hoping and even praying for new business connections. To be fair, the print quality on most was good to excellent. When I got home I threw them on my desk and the one thing that caught my attention was they were all unremarkable and in the pile they all looked the same.

You have to go where the prospects are. – Single people hang out at bars and parties for a reason – that’s where the other single people are. In the same way, you should go where your ideal business connections are spending time. Whether it’s a Chamber of Commerce event, an association mixer, or an entrepreneur’s club, put yourself in close contact with the people you want to meet.

You are probably aware that your business is paying for the trip. If you get a chance, use some down time to get some things done before you get back to your office. This might include some letters or clearing out emails.

There are thousands of business opportunities but there is only one you. The more you learn about marketing, the more you will be able to teach others and show others that you know what you are doing.

What do networking and Online community for sports have in common? They are both a non-traditional way of looking for a job. They both require the job seeker to step outside their comfort zone and think outside the box. In our chosen field, internships can be viewed as a form of networking. When done right, you can transition from intern to employee.

Take a different job just to try it out. One of the reasons people stay inside their comfort zone is ego. They don’t want to do something different or ‘beneath them.’ However, sometimes any job is better than no job at all and there’s always something to learn.

So even though it is possible to find a legit job through an online search, it’s less likely. Think back on any situation in life where it helped to have your foot in the door….doing an interview with the admissions people for college, showing up to captain’s practice early in the season, or approaching the girl you’d like to ask to the Valentines Day dance in person before calling her that evening.

Channelize your inquisitiveness in the right way. In media be inquisitive and get paid too. Media not only allows a satisfying job and a great career, but also some great money to be made.