Challenge Your Next Motivational Speaker To Be Great

There are so many concepts of marketing nowadays and each of them may be just fine, but T. Harv Eker is giving you marketing definition that is going to change your business drastically for good.

What is an accountability partnership? Well, I’m glad you asked. An Accountability Partnership or (AP) is a relationship with one or more people designed to hold each other responsible for keeping a commitment or performing a task. The partnership is most effective when there are clearly defined rewards, benefits or consequences for performing the defined behavior. APs were popularized by the 12 Step process used in addiction treatment. Today, corporations, non-profits, social workers and schools are all using AP to achieve results.

Finally sports motivational speaker I would start looking for people with group A characteristics in my hiring. Find them and hire them as soon as possible, because what you have today at your business will already motivate them to be successful and help grow your business.

You should do what it takes to keep them satisfied and happy about your products. Do you feel this kind of marketing definition already? If now, listen closely.

So how to get that mindset? Well, first step is to get to know the cocktail of conflicting beliefs, emotional states, and behaviors that makes up who you are. For most people, there are a lot of internal blocks to getting money, and these are often completely unconscious. You may have been taught the perfect “system” to make money, but the person operating that system isn’t a robot, it’s a person – you! – with human idiosyncrasies, contradictions and blind spots, often more than enough to sabotage the best “systems” available.

I look back on the time fondly, but at times it was hell. As a professional motivational speakers business, I’d pack my bag, leave my tin can home, and head to another part of the country to motivate and inspire an audience. I’d return home to learn that the plumber had disappeared in the night with our money and our plumbing supplies. The air-conditioning kid was never seen again and neither was our money. The building inspector wanted us to redo a week’s worth of work. I cried with a neighbor as she told us about her crook of a general contractor who absconded with more than $100,000.

To put it bluntly, if you think $5000 on a share trading course and a couple of (usually free) motivational talks on mindset is the right balance, think again. Or be ready to join the 80% of people – many of them trained in the skill set – who lose money on shares. The same applies when it comes to other ways to increase your wealth: business, career, multi-level marketing (where the success rate is 3%, apparently), poker even!

Rilke tells us that the violence, hatred, anger and the fear we face, have Love in them, if we project our Love into them. If I breath out Love and compassion, and breath in hatred, anger and judgement and accept, forgive and then release them by exhaling, I am changing my perception of them. Each act and event of every day can be felt that way, for my feelings are my prayers of Love. I change my reality by feeling. No one else can do it for me.