Culinary School Basic Facts

The word Sommelier derives from a middle French term, saumalier, referring to the person who was in charge of procuring supplies and maintaining the storehouse in the royal household. The original word actually refers to a pack animal driver. A modern sommelier is a person who focuses on the purchasing, storage and serving of wine and beverages in a restaurant.

This wonderful and simple recipe combines Mexican fruits with lime juice, orange juice, chili powder and tequila for a really flavorful and stunning Mexican dessert recipe. This makes enough fruit salad for eight people.

Cinnamon – A favorite in cooking sweets this herb also can help fight off a number of fungi and bacteria such as staph infections. It is also used to relieve vomiting.

It all started back in 1982, when I was attending thai cuisine in Baltimore Maryland. It was there that I met George, 9 years my senior, and we became best friends. George was from Baltimore and had recently been laid off from a good paying union job in the city. Trying to provide for his family and young son at the time, he decided to go back to school and become a chef.

New York City may be the home of the Big Apple, but it’s also the home of some of the most culturally connected cuisine s in the world today. Afghan food is moderately infrequent in the United States, however; once you travel to Manhattan, you will soon ascertain that it is a familiar cookery that is well liked by the individual that tries it for the first time. Although Afghan food is a scarcity, once one discovers this amazingly glib cuisine, they will enjoy it. I have decided to narrow down the numerous Afghan restaurants in NYC to only the best Afghan restaurants.

If social scientists were hunting for recent clues of gastronomical excess, they would need to look no further than the lonely bottles and tins left on the shelves of Balducci’s, the landmark gourmet market that closed its two Manhattan shops on Sunday.

Try sharing these experiences with your friends & family. Remember, even though we are warned of the mistakes, we might land up committing the same initially. But, its not possible to become a perfectionist in a day! Learning takes time and we must allow ourselves to take time! Our mistakes form good fun stories that can be shares with the family & friends and they would surely smile back to you!