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First, know that debits are not “deductions” and credits are not “increases”. Debit and credit are the names of the columns on bookkeeping ledgers (debit is the column on the left and credit is the column on the right). In double entry accounting (bookkeeping) the sum of each column must equal the other. In other words, the sum of all of the debits must equal the sum of all of the credits. By making sure that the sum of each column equals the other, the bookkeeper can eliminate arithmetic errors.

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#3: Don’t exceed your credit limit. Exceeding your credit limit may lead to over-the-limit fees on your CC balance. This just adds to your outstanding balance and extends your length of time to pay off the outstanding balance.

In bookkeeping, or double entry accounting specifically, the total of each column must equal the other. Basically, the total of all of the debits has to equal the total of the credits – ensuring this equality; you can eliminate any basic arithmetic error. When making an entry, a bookkeeper makes an entry into the credit side of the ledger as well as on the debit side. Everything is in the positives (No negative numbers here).

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After you consolidate your loans into a single loan and bring all your charge account credits to zero, you must start a new financial life, adopting new habits of how you spend your money.