Emergency Food Supply: This Should Be A Requirement For All

Even though weight loss comes primarily from diet you will want to incorporate a good exercise plan into your life as well. This will help you to increase your caloric limits as well as tone up the flabbier parts of your body. It will also help greatly in the battle against loose skin.

Invest in flashlights, batteries, oil lamps and pillar or jar candles: Let there be light! We own two battery-operated camp lanterns that will run for 100 hours. When the electricity goes out is not the time to start looking for the batteries or filling the oil lamps.

Garlic is a seasoning that crosses cultural lines. Italian, Latin, Southern, and classic American cooking all call for garlic. Used alone or with only salt and pepper, it rounds out the flavor notes of many dishes, giving them depth. It has a heady, spicy aroma and can be used fresh, dried, or powdered. Try in spaghetti, garlic bread, and in soup bases with fresh onion and olive oil.

In my opinion, some quality brand name knife manufacturers are: Ka-Bar, S.O.G. Benchmade and Spyderco. Regardless of the knives you keep in your pack, you should also keep at least one or two mechanisms to sharpen the blades. There are a number of alternatives for sharpening your blades.

Decide what your priorities are. They can include: having a 3 day supply of safe water to drink per person, have a well stocked pantry, have up to a one year supply of food storage and have a long term emergency only food storage. Focus on your priorities.

There are several supplies that can make your life easier in an earthquake or any disaster. These include a flashlight, first aid kit, good shoes, clean water, and emergency supplies. If you go camping, separate out some of your camping supplies and keep them close at hand. You might want to grab them in case you need to evacuate your home, and they can be combined with other emergency supplies.

Don’t skip meals. Skipped meals will inevitably lead to binge eating, which will mean more calories that you don’t need, and more weight you have to work out. Even if you don’t feel like eating, particularly in the morning, have a small yogurt or a piece of fruit so that you can keep your hunger under control.

I means learn to improvise. V means value living. The decision to survive includes stubbornness, and a refusal to give in. It will help you overcome all obstacles. A means act like the natives. Observe the animals in the area. Look at their habits. Not all should be adapted, but learn what you can. L stands for live by your wits and learn basic skills. Your wilderness survival kit gives you the tools you need for shelter, food, first aid, fire and signals. Depending on each emergency, it is up to you to determine the priority of that order on a continual basis.