Free Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

You can have this party in your home or at a bowling alley. If you decide you want to have it at the lanes, call several and see who offers the best birthday party package. Each alley will offer a different package for parties, and each may have different rates per guest. It’s smart to call at least three if you have that many near your home.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the largest Easter egg ever made was just over 25-ft high and made of chocolate and marshmallows. The egg weighed 8,968 lbs. and was supported by an internal steel frame.

If you are looking for crossword puzzles and word searches you will want to check out these free printable puzzles from Kaboose. They have several different crosswords and word searches to choose from for different skill levels.

Begin the day off right by making Green Eggs and Ham. Not only will your kids love this different breakfast idea, but the whole family will have a blast. Finish off breakfast, by whipping out ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ and read to the children. The room will be filled with giggles!

If you are wanting to teach a little about Irish heritage, you may consider printing out some of these free printable coloring pages. You will notice that there are several things that you can teach your class in regards to St. Patrick’s Day and some of the symbols that represent them as a culture all their own. If this sounds good for your classroom, please visit their site here.

Coloring Book Fun gives you a wide selection to choose from. You can print out the whole gang in the van or just Scooby and Shaggy. There are plenty of other choices to wet your child’s appetite. Each member of the Gang also has their own page so there is something for everyone on the wide variety Coloring Book Fun has to offer.

The Olympics is a multicultural event-a perfect time to introduce foods from other countries to your child, such as tortillas, pizza, egg rolls, pita bread and hummus, etc.