How To Mig Weld – The Mig Welding Process

Build a good welding space. Choosing a good space is very important for a successful welding business. Welding is a serious activity and your surroundings should be controlled as much as possible. A good welding shop should be spacious enough that it can store a number of pieces of small and bulky equipment that are necessary for welding. Besides a working space, you’ll also need a specific area for storing materials such as steel and aluminum, as well as welding tables, drill press and saws, and other tools.

Wages have gone down during the slow down. Not that long ago a “rig welder” (a welder with a Welding Machine China on a truck) in Alberta, Canada would average $330,000 a year, but times are hard, so it is roughly half that much now. Off-shore oil rigs employing 6G welders are paying about $100k a year right now.

Hold the torch like a big first grade pencil. Touch the tip of the tungsten to the metal and then pull it back about 1/8 inch. Flip your helmet down and press the pedal to initiate the arc.

The most common gas used is Argon but Helium with Argon can be used having the mixture of 10-25%. When welding make sure your electrode stays shiny and keeps a round end. When it starts to look like a ball on the tip it has been contaminated and must be carefully broken off so you don’t waste the tungsten.

Next check its engine, make sure that the engine too has at least three cylinder capacities so that you can rely on the power it generates. Make sure the diesel tank is equipped to generate longer run time.

The biggest thing going for the small machines is that they are now really cheap to buy. You can pick one up just about anywhere and they are much better and easier to use for welding jobs at home. They are light and small which makes them reasonable portable. You can pick them up and put them in the car to take around to a mate’s place quite easily. Try doing that with an industrial mig.

It is never a bad Idea to preheat, in fact, almost every welding job I perform professionally demands a preheat temp of 400 degrees and up. You will be amazed at how easily the arc strikes and how well the welding rod burns, improving welding quality significantly. Bear in mind, once the steel has reached preheat temp, this temp must be maintained through out the procedure till all welding is finished.

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