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Everyone knows that strong locks and a quality home alarm system will keep most criminals out of your home. However, what are the least obvious techniques for keeping your family safe? Here are five unconventional tactics that are great for home security.

Take a few minutes and make a photocopy of everything in your wallet including the front and back of your credit cards and membership cards. Place the copied pages in a manila envelope and mark the envelope “Contents of Wallet” and date it. Place the envelope in your Safe deposit box for sale. Mark your calendar for 3 to 6 months from now to update your “Contents of Wallet” envelope. Now, if your wallet is lost or stolen you will now know exactly what you lost and whom you need to contact.

You should have either a video, a set of digital photos on a thumb drive or a set of paper photos to use as evidence in case your house burnt completely to the ground and insurance had to replace everything. A written inventory kept in a bank deposit box is not considered evidence. If you keep CDs or a thumb drive in your fireproof safe, make sure it is rated to protect them – there are separate ratings of ‘fireproofness’ for paper and for computer data, which is ruined at a lower temperature.

Details of your bank accounts, investments, and credit cards: A good investor or even a responsible home owner would keep track of important information pertaining to his bank accounts, investments, and credit cards. These may include numbers, signature specimens; check books, certificate of deposits, stock certificates, and a lot more. You may want to keep them in safes to ensure that there will be no one who will be able to have access to your money. You can just mention in your last will about these details, so your loved ones may be able to use your funds when you die.

Other recommended safe deposit facilities in Austria are at the Schoellerbank branches (where no key is required – access is regulated by an electronic fingerprint scan) and at the Raiffeisenbank in the ‘secret’ enclave of Jungholz.

File the Will with Probate Court. Each state has laws that state the time requirements for filing a will after the death of the testator. Usually it is 30 days, but find out your state’s law.

Many of us forget that were it not for what we carry in our wallets or in our purses, we’re all John and Jane Doe’s if we can’t speak due to injury or are unaccompanied by someone who knows us. How much less stressful is it to know that in a bank box, no matter where you are, there are items that can verify your identity. Better to be safe, than sorry!