How To Sell On Your Site: Easy Pointers To Monetize Your Blog

Yesterday I talked about building your online blog to get traffic, this is the major reason we have our website, but you also need to give value to other online entrepreneurs. Can you figure out who your target market is yet? Do you know what kind of problems they’re having? If so, now you are going to begin giving them solutions on your own online blog.

To direct traffic towards your site, maximize the wording on your titles for search engines to correctly index. It’ll be a requirement that you optimize your titles for your blog articles, such as employing proper phrases and keywords, which netizens will employ when searching the web for information. This shall enable your website to be visible within search engines, then your website shall be highly rated with each of the key words, thus directing visitors towards your website.

Not all blogs will perform well in search results. There are specific things that online blog need to keep in mind in order to make certain that their blog performs well. Given below are a few of the search engine optimization tips that can help your blog perform well.

Add pictures – eye candy. Also, a picture online IS worth a thousand words. If you are selling a special sort of fit for the marathoner’s running shoes, a cross-section demonstrates how that insert benefits the runner.

By joining a handful of affiliate programs at no cost and you can also monetize your blog. Since there are lots of affiliate programs today online you should be able to find a couple of good ones that are related to the subject of your Blog. Most affiliate programs provide banners that you place on your site that link to your affiliate website so you can make sales from them.

Add anchor text into your blog – embedded links that take visitors to the exact page of your website that sells the product or service under discussion on the blog. This helps visitors find the information on website without having to return to the home page and begin clicking on navigation links.

Once you have found a blog and established more or less what it is worth, do your own due diligence to find as much information as possible. Start looking for statistics, positions (test it on Google), PR, any testimonials the blog may have, etc.. Do this fast and act on it as soon as possible. Send the owner an email if you can to discover more information (e.g. documentation, earnings, traffic stats, etc). Be sure that they are verifiable numbers and remember to not insult the owner. If the owner thinks that the blog is worth hundreds on tens of thousands and you believe that it is only worth by the hundreds, maybe you should back off right away. If the owner is fair, then it’s sure that no deal will be made. Now, if the two of you have a fair figure in mind, then the dancing begins.