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If you’re a woman and you’ve been married or in a relationship for 2 or 3 years, you may have come to that weird place where you discover that the man you’re with now is not exactly the same man you fell in love with. Now, that’s not to say that he has changed or that he was putting on an act, per se. But, something definitely shifts in the relationship once the infatuation has worn off. In some cases, there were things that he did which blew your mind and actually made you fall in love with him. Now, that you are in a committed relationship, you find that he’s just not as eager to do those things. In fact, they may seem pretty low on his list.

#3 Gum- If you are a gum chewer you will appreciate this tip. Cruise Ships don’t sell gum on board the ship. If you are concerned about your bad breath from all that weird and spicy food you find on cruise ships, then bring some gum. I guess the cruise lines care more about gum sticking to the bottom of the lounge chairs than your bad breath.

Your headline is THE most important part of your entire article. It’s what gets your reader interested in your information. In fact, it is so important, there are innumerable books that exist on how to write headlines that convert.

5) jogging. What do you like to do? If you love skiing, start a story on a chair lift. If you love playing Wii, start a story in the living room with two characters playing Wii.

Boating also provides time for family and friends to gather and enjoy the company of one another. Busy families can get away from the rush of work and activities and enjoy a quiet day away from all distractions. Boating can be a perfect activity that combines rest, beauty and fun. Friends can come together for a day or a weekend and enjoy renewed friendship and conversation during a special boating trip.

Midlife crisis is common but something that should not be ignored. It can cause depression, anxiety, and stress. Instead of spending the rest of your years in joy, you spend it in regret and sadness.

Why is this relevant? Because you’re attempting to build a personal relationship with your reader. By talking specifically to him or her, you’re building rapport. And you’re revealing to him that he is your only concern at the moment. It’s kinda like you’re telling him something you haven’t told anyone else.

Don’t become a bore. May women let a lot of things go once they get into a committed relationship. One of those things being themselves. Remember men are visual and still want to be turned on when they see you. Make sure that you are continuing to do all those special things* you did when you first met him.