Inspiration Comes From The World Around You

Fact: Motivation levels are different in different people. Some people seem to be highly motivated most of the time. But before you think you are one of those people with low motivation think again. Generally we are motivated by things that matter to us, by the things we value, that are meaningful and purposeful to us. Those people who are highly motivated often have a very compelling reason to be motivated; the more compelling the reason the higher the motivation. For most people it is a matter of finding out what it is that compels them and motivation will follow.

Fact: When the going gets tough there may be times when you need to put your shoulder to the grindstone. But if your journey is only driven by will power, you are likely to tire and it’s unlikely that you will succeed. If you are clear about why you want to reach your destination, together with a real desire to get there, you will use your inspiration rather than relying on will power alone. Strong desire and emotionally connecting to the excitement of reaching your destination is far more powerful than using sheer will power. Without engaging your emotions and feelings (the subconscious and the limbic part of your brain), you have to work much harder. follow me is more powerful than perspiration.

Where: People are inspired by places… it’s always been true. If you live near the mountains, climb one. If you live near the ocean, hit the beach. Even in the center of a huge city, go to the top of a tall building and rejoice in the view. I spend a few minutes every day watching the sunset (especially at our Colorado house), and drawing inspiration from the place and time. Do whatever it takes to spend a little daily time just enjoying the moment, and communicating with what could inspire you.

Many people fail in the growth period for a number of reasons, one of them being through laziness. They simply can’t be bothered looking after their newly hatched idea. They allow other more cumbersome things to get in the way, and block their little growth from happening. This is indeed very sad, because if they were able to simply give their growth some care and attention, they would be most delighted with the results.

Sometimes your motivation comes from seeing someone else’s actions. If you witness someone else either succeeding, or failing, often times that gets our juices flowing to go after the same excitement we feel when we hit the 300 yard drive, or sink the double bender for birdie.

It’s true. We do not know all the thoughts and ideas that are stored away in the subconscious mind. The active, well-fed imagination revels in having an idea to work with. The interesting thing about the imagination – the more it’s used, the better it works. So give it lots to work with!

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