Inspiration & Motivation During Life’s Situations

Have you ever attempted to get up in the morning to exercise, knowing you need to do it but just cannot. Or you crawl out of bed get to the fitness facility a few mornings one week and are never seen again. How do you get into a routine that allows you to accomplish the seemingly impossible?

The Footprints in the Sand charm is an inspiring, collectible piece of jewelry. These charms and jewelry are the perfect gifts for a loved one and they make a treasured keepsake for yourself or an look at other links item for others. Many people have stumbled across the poem, “Footprints in the Sand,” over the Internet, in artwork, in magazines, and through other medias. The charms serve as a reminder and give people hope.

During the challenge, you need all the support you can get.. It’s a good idea to publish your articles on your blog and then link the post to your Twitter and Facebook page. After the post, ask for comments and then if you can, comment on the comments made.

If you constantly say to yourself things such as: I can’t, I’m not good at, I’m not sure how, I don’t know how to… than guess what will happen? You’ll get exactly what you think! Ask and you shall receive is not just a saying – it is a true principle and how the visible and invisible Universe works.

The road we find ourselves on however is not a straight path in any one direction. Women and men jaunt off in all directions. Responsibilities coupled with the desire to be successful in all we do. Are we successful husbands, wives, parents, co-workers, and friends? Are we motivated enough to continue this success? To get there is the paradox of having and obtaining more motivation to in the end be more successful.

Anything worth achieving is worth documenting. How else will you keep track of your progress? When I decided to write these newsletters, I made a commitment to write x number of pages per day. If you are working during the day you can commit to blocking off periods of one to two hours per night of “freedom time”. If the phone rings don’t answer it, if your house is burning down, use your free hand to call a fire truck..get it? All interruptions will be valid if you allow them to be. “Freedom Time” is your time to figure out how to get out of the rat race so take it seriously. P.S. I was joking about the house burning down scenario!

Think about going to the local gym to workout. You drive or walk there, you park and go through reception, get changed and you’re ready to workout. You then may have to wait for machines to become available and you can have many distractions during your workout. All this doesn’t happen with your own home gym. You merely get changed and walk to another room in the house and you’re there. You don’t have to wait for the machine to become available it’s always available for you. You access another part of the machine for a different body part and shortly after you’re done. In today’s society where time is precious a quick workout is ideal.

The bottom line is this: distraction is better than reaction. If you plan your lessons well, with plenty of fun and interesting activities, the children will be so wow’ed (distracted) by the fun they’re having that, other than small spats, there shouldn’t be any real need for corporal style discipline. On the other hand, when a student decides to challenge your authority, it’s like boiling water. As the water heats up, there’s one bubble and then another and another and before you know it, you’re cooked. If one student gets away with misbehaving, you’ll soon have a whole class room of students misbehaving.