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One of the best movies I ever saw was “Pay it Forward” It was a very simple story, with an even simpler concept. The movie itself was wonderfully done, with great performances by the actors involved. But it was the simple concept behind it that really stuck in my mind. Call it “pay it forward”, “acts of random kindness”, or just doing the right thing, the concept is so very simple. The problem is people think that it is only the large things that they do that make a difference in people’s lives. They couldn’t be more wrong. The small acts of kindness make the most difference sometimes.

We now know that it isn’t age that brings about the above conditions – it is a life without enough physical activity to keep one strong and vital. If muscle strength is not used on a regular, vigorous and ongoing basis you will lose it. It is really that simple.

Before I go into what I would consider my top five skills for dogs, I think it’s important to understand some of the things that may influence how you teach a particular skill. Factors such as age, confidence, physical limitations, and motivation will each play a part in how you train. Let’s address each one of these factors individually.

The best characters and challenges are inspirational, and like Aesop, the audience can see a lesson in the characters as they struggle to succeed. You need to draw that conclusion for your audience: do not assume they will connect the dots on their own.

Checking accounts offer little to no interest gain on your savings, and many of them come with monthly fees. Savings accounts are a good option as they can provide a small return on your savings and probably won’t charge a fee, but you may incur a penalty if you withdraw a large amount. A money market account is a viable option as it will probably feature a higher interest yield than both a savings and checking account, but your money might be a little more difficult to get to.

This article would be remiss if it didn’t mention that even if your child has a Certificate IV in Ageing Support there is usually a state program that will offer them the ability to participate. There is the Special Olympics program as well as various disabilities have their own offerings. Students who are visually impaired that live close to a state funded school for the blind may be able to participate in their sport offerings. The schools for the disabled usually offer a wide range of activities the children can still perform. While this might not work for everyone it is well worth the effort of researching your area and it’s offerings. There is no reason to hold a child back from enjoying something because of a handicap.

“Sandy has been helping me to understand the listening process and ways to make communicating with other people more effective. I studied her notes all night and have a plan to help you both work out your misunderstanding. It’s important to me that we all are together this Christmas. Will you both give it a try?” asked SpongeBob.

“Paying it forward” can be financial yes. But more often than not it is simply that small helping hand that someone needs right at that moment. It can be as simple as taking the neighbor’s kid to the park with you so mom can get a break. It can be passing on your knowledge through a free tutoring program. You can make extra for dinner one night and take it to the widow who lives alone up the street. It is about looking for the little things that can touch a person, and doing what you can to pass along what you have, no matter how little it is. How much better would the world be if we all thought like this?