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Few horses have their own fan club, but Desert Orchid, known affectionately as “Dessie”, was lucky enough to have one with thousands of members. At the height of the grey gelding’s popularity, a Christmas card arrived in his trainer’s yard from Australia addressed simply as “Desert Orchid, Somewhere in England”.

Paintballing Shooting your friends with paint personal intrest is about as satisfying as it gets so it’s little wonder why it’s become a popular choice for stag parties looking for a fun daytime event before their night on the town.

When you browse through our selection of 21st birthday gifts you will soon be filled with inspiration. However, here are some great suggestions for 21st birthday gifts with a difference, as well as some great party starters, just to get you on your way.

Do you still go on dates? When you first met, every week you and your mate planned something special. There were surprises and arrangements made to share moments together over dinner, concerts, home cooked meals etc. If that “romance well” has dried up, it can be near impossible to get back. When that thirst rears its ugly head, be sure you’re not the one holding the empty bucket.

They make it seem like all you have to do is get three of your friends to join the opportunity and the rest will be history. Or in the case of id180, they offer a web design and hosting service for 989.95 up front and 49.95 a month for hosting. This is a lot of money for people to be spending on web site design and hosting. Especially when isXperia’s main website gets far less traffic than most online marketers work space get.

Not the way I write currently. I expect, though, that with attention to successful web-writing techniques, a person could earn a respectable part-time income by writing for AC. The problem for me would be that doing so would shift it from the pleasant recreation that it is to more of the “work” I already have quite enough of.

If you’d like to experience what Christmas is like in other countries, why not arrange a seasonal break this year and check out the markets, trimmings and festivities elsewhere?