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That’s the same reaction men generally have when they are rejected. Their male pride jumps into action and they feel driven to show the woman who rejected them why she made a mistake. You’re going to use that knowledge of men to your advantage right now.

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Version 2.00 also lets you create custom play lists for your photos and music. A new Playstation Network logo is set to debut in the latest firmware as well.

Reggie Bush- This is a risky pick, but it could pay off in a huge way. Deuce will be back to carry the main load, which is a good thing for Bush. If the Saints utilize him in his pass-catching and other talents, he could score a lot of ways.

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Vince Young- This is more because its highly unlikely he can possibly do as bad as he did last year. Young is clearly very talented but has little help in the Titans offense. Expect him to improve little by little as time goes by.