Nursing Career – Ensuring Job Security

It was a sunny hot Monday morning. I was late for my doctor’s appointment. I had allotted one hour based on previous experience. 45 minutes waiting, 5 minutes with the doctor and 10 minutes to pick up the medicine and pay the bill. This is a best case scenario.

Three of the victims in the St. Louis shooting were employees of the health care business, A K senior home health care visiting nurse. The shooter was identified as Ahmed Dirir, 59, of north St. Louis, an owner of the business.

People who are in good health today take their health for granted. But, the fact is that every one of us will need health care at some point in our lives. Health care can be in terms of medical treatment, prescription drugs, surgeries, etc. Although a large number of people rely only on the National Health Service in the UK, there are a number of ways they can also benefit from private medical insurance.

You must receive training and pass a test to prove that you are competent to work in this field. Most training is “on the job training” and is conducted by registered nurses or other medical practitioners. Training does not exceed 75 hours in most cases.

It may be scary to watch but more often than not a baby is not choking and just gagging. A normal reflex to bring food that is too big back up so it can be chewed some more. If the baby is coughing or at least making sounds then air is passing through their throat. If the baby is making no sound and seems distressed they are most likely choking and your assistance is required. It is recommended you take a first aid course with your local health care services to be able to assist people when choking and when to determine the signs.

While I consider it to be the best way to wean a baby on to solids you must make sure you do it safely. Listed here are the top 3 risks that need to be accounted for before starting baby led weaning.

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