Online Guitar Lessons – Common Questions Part One

Playing the guitar is one of the most fulfilling and fun activities to do. Nothing beats hanging out with your band, making great music and playing your own compositions or a cover of your favorite band.

A lot of unused stuff lies around the house e.g. the bass guitar that has not been played for a decade or CDs that no one listens to anymore. There are many ways to sell these – visit a pawnshop, have a yard sale in front of your apartment, put an ad in the classifieds of the local newspaper or the internet. Be realistic about the prices; the general rule is to halve the price from what someone would be able to buy elsewhere. For making money online, sell these items on eBay.

And then imagine P!nk soaring, diving, swooping rotating through the entire length of Phillips Arena all the time singing “So What.” At times she was 60 feet above the floor, at other times she was able to reach down and almost touch the fans below. At one point she flew to the far end of the arena and acknowledged the fans furthest from the stage and highest up in the arena by almost being face to face with them. Brilliant!

3- Have a relaxation ritual. There are stretching and deep-breathing exercises you can look up that can release tension in your shoulders and lower back (a common place where we store stress). When you’re as tense as a drawn bowstring, throttle back and stretch. Take a walk if you feeling like throwing things. It’ll save you from a possible lawsuit by removing yourself from temptation (and possible targets)and the exercise can clear your head.

Focus on your picking hand technique as well as what you’re doing with your fretting hand. Remember- there’s picking technique to think about as well as hitting the notes!

Make sure to avoid YouTube or any free site that does not show you the basics properly. The basics is what is going to be the difference between advancing faster and playing great music or being incompetent with your instrument.

P!nk finished the evening with a great version of “Glitter In the Air” by being elevated above the stage by long sheets of cloth. At one point during the song she was lowered out of view from where I was watching and re-emerged soaking wet to great dramatic effect. As she spun above the stage she showered by crowd with water that she had been immersed in. Pure theatre and truly spectacular!