Other Diamond Cuts That You Are Unaware Of

An engagement won’t be called such without the diamond ring right? In most traditions, engagement rings are diamond rings that the groom presents to his bride. And because engagement is an important wedding process, taking it lightly is definitely out of the question. A lot of things should be known about buying diamond rings just like how there are much stuff you need to know about your bride.

Understanding characteristics of a diamond is fairly simple and straightforward. Basically, there are four important considerations when buying this gemstone: the Cut, Color, Clarity and the Carat. And yes, there is one factor that is more important than the others. Here’s a quick review of the 4 c’s.

The Look of Men’s Diamond Rings. Men’s diamond rings are about style and simplicity. A big difference between men’s and women’s rings is that the diamond-or diamonds!-are set into the band. For women’s rings, the diamond is usually fastened to the band with claw-like bits of metal (or prongs) that rise up from the band. The diamonds in men’s rings are typically flush with the band, called a channel set. This is great for the active man because there is no worry that the diamond or prongs will catch on fabric.

The more yellow a diamond, the more valuable it is. A canary diamond is considered to be the most valuable. For diamond experts, a bright yellow stone is truly a thing of immense beauty. So if yellow diamonds are considered the epitome of brilliance, why is it that you shouldn’t buy a diamond?

EBay is a very popular platform to sell rings for their qualities. The problem for you is that eBay is not just popular with customers, but also with experienced jewelry stores, who are experts in selling such items. Their high seller ratings, glittering descriptions and free shipping will make it hard for you as an individual to compete for buyers’ attention and also to beat their prices. Although it might be difficult, but if you have more time you could still try.

Carat: carat is nothing but value of the diamond. That is the weight of the diamond, this is often mistaken as size of the diamond, and carat has nothing to do with size 0.2g is equal to 1 carat. So ask the store manager what the weight of the diamond is and its value.

Finally, you must also concentrate on the jeweler or the store that you are buying your ring from. Diamond jewelry is always an expensive buy. You should spend your money very wisely to get the best blue diamond ring available in the market that your money can get you.