Phoenix Haboob Towers Over Sky In Dust Storm: ‘Haboob’ Video Goes Viral

It’s the fourth episode of real people “hurt by the recession,” vying for a spot in the Trump empire. Last week James was fired but he ended up with a job at the Attorney General’s office. As winning project manager for the last task, Tyana met with Russell Simmons who gave her business advice and a $10,000 Calvin Klein gift certificate.

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Keep it Short – Successful viral videos are almost always short, usually just 1 or 2 minutes in length, if that. Online viewers have notoriously short attention spans, so keep it punchy to grab their attention. If you do, they are likely to share your video across multiple social networking sites, quickly generating good momentum and potentially millions of views for your video marketing campaign.

There will no doubt be a follow-up civil case in this matter. Given the particulars of the case and the video evidence, the 15-year-old girl and her family will undoubtedly sue the King County Sheriff’s Office as well as Paul Schene, not only for the assault but for the way in which she was treated afterward for shortness of breath. After such an assault, she should have been taken to a medical facility. She may have suffered a life-threatening concussion or worse.

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These videos are used for sharing on the internet. These kinds of videos can also be shot with the help of the camera phones. This is one of the top ways of marketing available these days. If you are internet savvy then you must be aware of the popularity of social media.

There is little doubt that Paul Schene will no longer be employed at the King County Sheriff’s Office. With that video on his resume, it is doubtful he will find employment as a law enforcement officer again. The public should hope not.