Poker Hands Form The Basis For This Fun Asian Playing Card Game

In any poker game be it free online poker or cash game, a backdoor draw is a draw missed on the Flop but made on the Turn. In this free poker article you’ll learn by way of examples how to best play backdoor draws.

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Take Notes- This is a great way to keep your focus when you’re not in a hand. Develop your own poker online shorthand for keeping notes. For instance, I might write, “CC w/ junk” (cold calls with junk) if I’ve noted a player who continually comes in for two bets with hands he shouldn’t.

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A blind bet is a forced bet you have to place before the round starts and cards are dealt. Poker is a battle for blinds. Without them everyone would be waiting for premium holdings and there would be no action. The blinds are there to force the action and get the game going. Because of the nature of a blind bet you, in the long run, everyone is losing money in these two positions. Learning to play the blinds correctly is a vital part of strategy in winning players arsenal.

Aggressive – playing aggressive is one of the keys to any good poker strategy. At times, for very advanced players passive, check-raise and all-in strategies are good but for now just stick to a solid aggressive strategy. Do not limp in. Do not check. If you are playing cards bet! You should be confident at betting because you have strong cards.