Project Planning: Keeping Control Over Your Outsourced Projects

First thing to do is to visit popular freelancing sites. Instead of visiting each website being run by ghostwriters, I recommend that you look for your service providers on freelancing sites. This will surely help you save some time. Freelancing sites will allow you to view the profile of their service providers where you can see the feedback that were left by their previous customers. This will surely help you make well-informed decision.

Offer help by providing research, project planning documentation, existing examples, anything that gave you the original idea in the first place. There is nothing to stop you drawing sketches and scanning them and attaching them to your Project contribution and ideas.

Focus on your target readers. Keep them in mind while writing your articles so you can easily adjust your writing style to suit their needs. In addition, address their problems and pressing issues so your article will be useful to them.

Collect Bids – There are only so many hours in the day. If you are at point where you are already burning the small business candle at both ends, you may not have the time to actively seek out a freelancer. There are thousands of freelance professionals online. Searching and sifting through hundreds of websites to find those qualified may be impossible. Place an ad through a freelance board or RFP site. Let those qualified and available come to you.

Although many Virtual Assistants specialize in a few niche areas, such as a Real Estate Virtual Assistant, or a Virtual Assistant for Internet Marketing, they also have skills in many other areas. Therefore, you will want to understand what skills are most valuable to you.

Any and everything that is important to the client. If your business is about selling a laid back atmosphere you want to be sure your content writer doesn’t use college level writing. Or, if you run a boutique business you wouldn’t want your content to go overboard about the volumes and volumes of sales.

Freelance writers write whatever their clients want them to write. As your career develops, you’ll realize that every single project is different. You may write a thousand brochures over time, but each one is different. You’re always facing the blank computer screen, and putting words on it, so you can be intimidated by this at first.

It can be done, it takes time, belief in yourself and positive reinforcement from yourself (that’s why you read your goals each day) Go for it, you can do it!