Promotional Article Writing 101 – Part One

I started to fidget uncomfortably, when this little old lady patted me on my shoulder and said, “Don’t worry Dearie.” “Just don’t say anything.” “They will keep you here for anything.” “Just suck it up.” With a weak smile on my face, I took her advice.

Saturday will also be the night of Ron Jeremy’s Wild Circus Super Bowl Party at the Iron Cactus in downtown Dallas. General Admission tickets start at $50, but the tables range from $1600 to $3600.

Technique #2: Add a graphic to make your virtual ezine look like a see my magazine. These days people are visual. They like to see images. So if your opt-in page isn’t converting, make your ezine seem tangible.

A famous American businesswoman once said she believes in P.I.G. Not really sure how ‘pig’ relates to anything, but ‘P’ is for Persistence. You’ll need a lot of this, as you’ll get a few knock backs when starting out. Especially in the Web Design trade, where you can get the rogues and the cowboys. Nobody quite trusts a newcomer.

Bodybuilders are primarily concerned with size, proportion, and symmetry. They care mainly about how their muscles look as opposed to whether or not they are functional for a sport like wrestling. Bodybuilders attempt to build buy magazine mass hypertrophy).

You can search your state treasury department for missing money, when you do this you can search your name and your family and friends too. I found 328.00 that I had and quite a few people that I know found money in their names too. This will link you to individual states treasury departments.

The role of Political Art Month, as described by Elder, is for people to come out and make the information known. Speak the concerns. Don’t just listen to them from the other side of the screen. Go out into the streets, make art, talk about the issues without the other things getting the way. Even the small issues. Just as long as they are the real issues. Don’t piggyback off of the televised politics. Be concerned with your own politics.