Protecting Your Parents From Nursing Home Abuse: When To Look For Attorneys

Beyond the excitement of traveling the world and serving our service members as care givers, the responsibility of military nursing is a wonderful way to expand your career. The Army nurse corpse was the first in existence and began in 1901. The army ran its own nursing school and new graduates were awarded the rank of lieutenant as they began their career.

At the same time that I was caring for my grandma, I was also caring for children. I was a volunteer in my elementary school’s after school program and I was in charge of the kids who were in grades 1-3. Handling those kids was no easy task. Letting 30 kids run wild in the gymnasium, of course, there were bound to be accidents. It seemed to be one scraped knee after the next and I would always be ready with hydrogen peroxide and a Band-Aid. Caring for those kids was one of the things I most enjoyed.

Another type of specialty nursing job is a Registered Nurse. This type of nursing career is the pick for most people. It is the largest profession in the healthcare industry, attracting the most seeking a medical career. These nurses care for the sick and injured in many kinds of facilities and hospitals. This field of work usually takes around two years to complete the schooling. Registered Nurses make a very good salary, making up to twenty dollars an hour depending on the state and facility.

Immediately when she got to the nursing home, the nurse, who would be caring for her, asked if she wanted to wear a diaper. The patient hesitated answering because she thought that question was odd. After all, she did not need a diaper, nor did she want to wear a diaper. The nurse proceeded to say things like, well, in case you have an accident. The patient was basically, politely talked into wearing a diaper while at the nursing home, even though it was against her better judgment to begin wearing diapers at her age since she did not need diapers.

The medical field is becoming the place to be as the population continues to age. You do not have to become a doctor to be in the medical field. You can be a male and find a job anywhere you want. Nursing can be a tough career for some people, but it is a necessary career that is not going anywhere anytime soon. You should strongly consider this field if you want to have absolute job security.

Moral of the experience, discuss everything in private, not in public, even if the staff wants to discuss it out in the open, never listen to the staff. They are out to protect themselves from more work and from other things. So protect yourself, and listen to your own inner instinct. Have private discussions in private.

When I was released from the hospital the next morning, I was told to keep the bandages dry and clean and the doctor would see me in three days to take out the stitches.

Being an LPN travel nurse is quite nice, however, to be sure that you are off for the challenge, you have to assess the advantages and disadvantages. Never go blinded by mere pay, always weigh things before deciding on taking a job away from your family.