Public Speaking, Sales Presentations Or Group Meetings – Be In The Moment

Your hands shake, and drip with sweat. Your voice cracks. Your legs threaten to collapse. Your mind races. Your heart drowns out all other sounds with its powerful thumping. Any minute now, the audience will break into small groups to discuss what a loser you are!

You are probably now wondering, “Where is all this TV nostalgia leading me?” Quite simply, to a crucially important principle about writing and presentation skill classes.

Recently, a good friend, Sam introduced me to the Emerald Passport products. He walked me through the product over the Internet. The material fascinated me. This information should be a cornerstone of any family our there. I purchased the product that day and received it the next day.

I donated a year of my time to serve on the editorial committee for Speaker Magazine, published by the National Speakers Association. My job was to author a monthly column where I interview people that book professional speakers. A point that frequently is made by these people is that they want a speaker that will ENGAGE their meeting attendees.

It’s inevitable. As the best man, you are most likely going to be called to a toast or a speech in a wedding. There are a couple of tips that will make your preparing for a speech really easy. First of all, you really have to be prepared. Think about your wedding speech and your messages. Don’t just take it lightly. It’s an important day for everybody and unless you’re a professional speaker who takes public speakings as a job, then you probably need to give it much thought; especially on what you’re going to say and what kind of message you want to put out.

It is not about how good you are today, it is about stage time. If you get up in front of your audience today, you will get better tomorrow, as a result of that experience.

Public speaking, like death, will eventually happen to all of us. Being prepared, knowing your stuff, and being yourself will give you the greatest chance of having a successful outcome. You might even be surprised to find you like it. So the next time someone asks you to give a speech at a wedding…don’t weigh out the options of death or speaking…just go for it and have a great time.