Searching For The Right Keynote Speaker

Handling any kind of major changes for a group can be difficult, but not for the business speaker. The reactions by many people are not what you might expect and you are introduced to many new problems. This is the time when you need to lessen the possibilities of errors that could come about by looking into a few tips.

The fact of the matter is that over a lifetime, employees have been sold a “bill of goods” from friends, family, society, the media and even their employers that when an employee finds the perfect job, then they will be happy. More and more organizations are doing what they can to provide a productive and positive working environment for their employees but not once has any company installed a happiness bar (think juice-bar). You don’t dispense happiness from a tap.

“Where” refers to your physical environment, from macro to micro. Perhaps you are speaking outside the United States. It pays to know something about the culture as actor Richard Gere discovered when he kissed a female actress during an event in India. Will you be inside or outside, in a cavernous space or an intimate setting? Are you able to control the lights, the temperature, the technology? A dress rehearsal on site is often a good idea to make sure that you have command of the space.

On Feb. 22nd Planned Parenthood of North Texas will host their Annual Awards Luncheon to honor those who have worked to maintain women’s health and reproductive freedom. This year’s professional speaker is David Gergen, a CNN contributor and professor of Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. The lunch starts at 11 a.m. at the Hilton Anatole, 2201 Stemmons Freeway in Dallas. For more details, call 214-363-2004.

Feb rd Reflection corporate keynote speaker Fine Art is being presented which is from a school of artists known as the Reflections. The exhibit is at the Reflection Art Gallery, 2925 Fairmount Street in Dallas. For directions, call 214-965-9027.

Happiness is not a result of anything you do. It is simply a choice. So never try to find happiness in your work. You won’t find it there. It’s not an end-result. You may find satisfaction. You may find joy. You may find comfort. You may find a peace of mind but that’s not happiness.

There are so many ways to toot your own horn. The possibilities are simply endless. The key is to actually do it! Many say they understand the value of self-promotion but then don’t take that extra step to get started doing it. Each week take a moment to reflect back on the previous week as to what happened in your world. Was there something newsworthy? Should you be sharing your story? If it’s a good one, others will follow and listen.