Simplify Your Move With An Auto Moving Company

Shipping a Car? Beware! Recently, a number of phony car shipping and auto transport websites have popped up across the internet. Some of the most common scams involve fake trucking company websites which are not a company at all, rather, a scammer trying to attract a victim. A user will come to the website to get an auto shipping quote.

How will the transport be handled? Will the car be hauled in an enclosed carrier or on an open one? What about tracking? Can you track your vehicle, much as you would a package, as the car travels across country from one destination to another? Timing is another issue. How soon do you need to get the car to your destination? Can the auto shipping company do so within your needed time frame? How long will it take them to get your car on a carrier?

Enclosed auto transport is probably the better option for protecting your car because it protects it from the weather, but it comes at a price. Open transport is normally for the majority of cars while enclosed auto transport is typically for luxurious cars.

Use it to compare after the car has been delivered. Some Car shipping Arizona companies will push you around if you have already paid the money and try to delay or not care about the car. At least, if you have not paid the deposit, you still have some bargaining power.

They should also offer enclosed shipping carriers. You will not want your vehicle exposed to bad weather during the move, so make sure enclosed carriers are an option. In addition, many of the quality companies have temperature controlled trailers. If you prefer to have your car shipped on a single carrier, you should request that.

When you have already chosen a car shipping company, you have to provide information about the location from where or to where you want the company to ship your car. The length of the destination determines the price of the service. Longer distance is more expansive. If you want to transport a car that you have bought online, you have to ask the seller of the car for the exact address. You also have to provide information about the place where you want the car to be delivered.

Ask the shipper if they can offer reimbursement if they are not able to fulfill their promises. You have to make this clear or else you will have trouble with your shipper. The terms you wish for and the expectations you have must be mutually agreed. If you allow your vehicle to be transported carelessly, you could end up with a badly handled vehicle. To avoid this you can have your transport service insure your vehicle.