Spa Protocol 101: Massage Virgin

The spa capacity that a person can deal with will involve something that can go beyond the number of people who can fit into the spa. It can also deal with the amount of water that can go into it. It will help for anyone to watch for the volume that one is dealing with when getting a spa filled up.

Sending your friends and loved-ones with great spa gift baskets are ideal. However, you cannot just send a basket full of spa items without considering your recipient. Before buying, be sure to know if your recipient has any allergy that can be induced by spa treatments. Also, know if a certain item may induce that allergy. This way, you can be sure that you’re sending a really nice spa durban gifts to them.

First things first – which treatment to give? If you go for a luxury facial gift voucher will she think you are trying to drop a hint… ‘You’ re looking a little worn out and old’ if you choose a massage voucher will she think you are subtly saying ‘stop being so stressed and chillax’ (guaranteed to send the blood pressure rocketing sky-high). Or, what if you present her with a pedicure voucher and then find out that she hates having her feet touched!

Depending on where the spa is located will heavily influence the price of the spa treatments. In popular holiday destination’s the price may be slightly higher or even fluctuate in price depending on the time of year. If you are planning to indulge in some spa treatments while you are away on a holiday make sure you allow for it to be a little more than what you would normally pay.

Get a cover lifter. If the cover is too awkward or heavy for you to lift/move and the cover drags on the ground you will damage the vinyl. The cover lifter allows you to slide, lift or tilt the cover up and off the spa with ease. Some popular models are: The Cover Caddy, The Cover Valet, Cover Genie, Cover Up and Auto Spa Cover.

4) The room must be sound proof. Once the massage and spa packages treatments are on going, you should not hear the conversation from the other room to prevent you from distractions.

If you have too many items at your auction fundraiser, your prices will fall and certainly your ROI (return on investment) will shrink. But if you have a lot of competition for a few choice auction items, it will drive prices higher. You’ll earn more money for less work… and doesn’t that sound like a good idea?

The spa should be clean. You would not want to have a massage on a dirty table or have massage stones put on your body which were covered with sweat from another person. Make sure the spa personnel follow meticulous hygiene procedures and cleaning staff keep the general massage area clean. This is one area where there is no room for mistakes. Your health and safety depend on clean, sanitary equipment and clean, dry floors. Do not settle for a spa that ignores the basic needs of its customers. Take all these factors into consideration when you are choosing a spa with massages for your regular use.