Telemarketing Lessons For Your Business

Okay, you can make easy money by taking people’s money. Maybe you could be a pick pocket or something or maybe you could just rob people on the street.

As with most other network marketing companies, the price is grossly inflated because of the opportunity to sell it. After all, most people don’t buy the product to use it-they do so to sell it themselves. However, this is one of the better products I’ve seen. It has to be. The company has been around for 17 years, after all. Most network marketing companies don’t last anywhere near that long.

3) The owner is “hiding behind the website.” Web surfers are skeptical and distrusting. You need to let them know that there is a real person behind the site. Give them contact information, show them your photo, and even let them hear you. You can easily add audio or video to your website, and allow it to “touch” your visitor on such a deeper level. When people hear your voice or see you talking, and get to watch your body language, you communicate so much more effectively than just the written word.

I met a guy named Ronnie at a bus stop. He heard me ask other people what bus they are waiting for. I will just start asking questions of people, and I start with Spanish…”que camion tu quiere?” what bus do they want? If they want the bus that I want too, then I follow their lead, they can see the signs in the bus windows in the dark better than I can, and I do wear my glasses at the bus stops. So Ronnie, it turns out, lives in my neighborhood, he said stick with him and do what he does. Then as Ronnie and I were talking it turns out that we are with the same company, he works in the call center tijuana near Tijuana, Baja California for the same development. He said Vallarta is still a small town.

It may not be necessary that one sticks to knowing English for getting a good BPO job, but the thing is that the position of dollar vs. Rupee provides more value to fluent English speaking people, it cannot be denied.

So go ahead and start calling companies and tell them what you can do for them. They may want to interview you in person or over the phone, so don’t be surprised if they do. They want to make sure you’ll do the job.

You can do office stuffs such as being a clerk, virtual assistant, data encoder or secretary. The job is just the same; the only difference is that you are doing your job in your home.

Of course, big companies move very slowly and revolutionary ideas are often treated as heretic rather than the uncomfortable truth they represent. So Average Joe, get your game on and let me know when your new PC lineup is ready. I’ll buy one.