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Most of us open our first checking account by age 20. But just because we’ve had one for years, that doesn’t mean that we manage it properly. When is the last time you balanced your bank account? If it’s not part of your monthly routine, your inattention could carry a price. If you lose track of how much money is in your account you could get slapped with expensive insufficient funds fees.

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While this might at first seem odd, it is the use of debits and credits gives the double entry system built-in checks and balances. This is because the total of the debit values recorded must equal the total of the credit values recorded. Unlike the single entry system of accounting, which does not use debits and credits, errors are evident right way. This double-entry system is self-balancing.

The truth is, whether a debit or a credit increases or decreases an account balance depends on the type of account. Asset and expense accounts are increased on the debit side – liability, equity, and revenue accounts are increased on the credit side.

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Keep in mind that bank statements cover a set time period, say from Jan. 18 to Feb. 17, so any checks you’ve written around or after the closing date won’t be on the statement. Ditto any deposits you’ve made in the meantime.

OK, maybe only truly obsessive people review their accounts daily via phone or the Internet.But periodic checking on your account between printed statements does sometimes make sense. That’s the case when you are expecting an out-of-the-ordinary transaction: Has that payment to the Internal Revenue Service been posted yet? Did that big freelance check clear? Most of these tips don’t take much time. And once they become a part of your financial routine, you’ll find it’s easy maintaining a healthy checking account.