The Worst Place To Buy Gold Bullion Coins?

Coin collecting has been around for many years. You might have started collecting coins when you were younger at the encouragement of your parents, you might still have a dusty book of them somewhere too. There are many types of coins to collect, you can start with your birth year and collect a coin for each year of your life or start with a centennial. It’s fun and it’s a great memory to pass on to your children. What type of coins you collect depends on what you’re interested in. The true collector starts with a certain theme and stays there.

On the flipside, many buskers are highly talented and respected artists who add ambience and flavour to a community street scene or park. I was in Europe one summer and experienced musicians on street corners in Germany Italy and France who easily rivaled some of Canada’s top challenge coins custom classical artists.

Auctions helped many sellers and buyers unite through the years but in the last three years or so major websites and organizations have come up to establish credibility to the hobby of collecting. The next big question is “Are these coins valuable?” The answer to that is a very big YES! Some of these coins can reach into the hundreds if not thousands of dollars for certain coins. You have coins from Generals, Presidents of the United States, and plenty of other high status individuals. One of the biggest factors in collecting and finding what you want is what you like.

Because of its nature, every hobby is usually pursued with passion. In the case of numismatics, this means learning about coins, learning about the market, and becoming familiar with the buying and selling process. More than likely, you’ll be selling coins that aren’t up to your new standards as you develop, and that becomes part of the hobby.

In the world of coin collecting today, Morgan silver dollars have an intrinsic value that varies based on condition, year and mint location. As coin collecting advanced over the years, other factors came into play that have greatly affected a Morgan dollar’s worth such as VAMs. This stands for Van Allen – Mallis and mainly speaks to the variations and the diversity of dies that existed during the production of these dollars. Since each VAM can potentially be tied to a specific year or a specific mint mark, the list of different possible combinations that can affect rarity value is quite extensive.

Another reason Roman challenge coin design are great to collect is that they do not just have historical value but also artistic value. These coins were cleverly and beautifully crafted and tell a story from the time and area that they were minted.

Silver is real money, it has a store of value, whereas currency issued by governments does not have a store of value. Paper currencies are only as good as the paper they are printed on and the backing of the issuer; it cost no more to print a $100 bill than a $1.00 bill. When the issuer devalues the currency by printing or digitizing enormous amounts of currency then it becomes worth less. One could compare currency to dirt. Dirt isn’t worth much, it can be found anywhere, but gold or silver is of value because of its rarity, history as money, and industrial uses.

Custom coins are also given at weddings as a gift to those who attend the function. You can put your photo on them with the year and date and give it to all your loved ones for being a part of your special day. It can also be a great farewell gift to your seniors. Since these are done in bulk, it is not all that expensive. The piece can be done in a shiny metal that it will look perfect for the occasion.