Tips To Hire The Best Wedding Dj

Your wedding day is undoubtedly one of the best days of your life. It is only natural for you to want to make it special. Weddings are generally planned keeping the various details in mind – what should be the venue? What kind of decoration will go with the venue? What kind of food will be served? How many people will arrive? These are some of the common questions that linger in a wedding planner’s mind. There are several other factors that may play a significant role.

Without any surprise, the first thing you need to consider is the size of you venue. You will need to know if the hall can accommodate all the guests you are going to invite. No matter how gorgeous a banquet hall is, you should never rent it if its size is too small to accommodate all your guests. You have to make sure you guests will feel comfortable when they are attending your wedding right?

The best bet is a video capturing any previous live performance. Sites like YouTube and Metacafe will easily show you such uploaded videos. I am not in favor of a demo CD as with modern softwares anyone can make a decent demo CD. Also, video gives you a chance to see the mood of the audience also which in my opinion is the single most important thing to look for while selecting your Hire a DJ.

Apart from experience you need your prospective DJ to be someone that you like and feel comfortable with. Someone who can interact well with your guests and form a rapport with them. It’s always a good idea to phone prospective DJs first of all for a kind of pre-interview, where you can firstly ascertain if they are free for your date and secondly, how they come across to you. Once you’ve short listed two or three, then set up meetings with them.

You might say “Wait, $2000 for a DJ to stand there and just play music?” Here is where the distinction between a run of the mill DJ and a wedding entertainer. A wedding entertainer is not just the DJ. She is a full entertainment service. This means that your reception is managed from planning to delivery of your dream. The company should work with you to plan every detail of the reception from Grand Entrance to Grand Exit. Every item of detailed planned for; first dance, cake cutting, special moments. The professional wedding entertainer also works with all the vendors at the event to ensure things like special moment pictures, makes sure parents of VIPs are in the room to witness the first dance.

Wedding DJs are expected to know which songs must and must not be played at the church. Churches do not allow popular music to be played inside. If you love hip-hop beats, save that playlist until your reception or until the officiating pastor or priest has left the venue. Make sure your band or DJ knows what songs to play during certain segments of the wedding. Choose appropriate songs for each segment.

If this does not work, search the web. There are several websites that offers or gives you an idea what song to play during this dance. If they offer free downloads of this song, then do it and give it to your dad.

Although it will be full of fun to create your wedding favor gift tag. However, you may not choose to create the tag yourself if you are a very busy person. If you cannot afford the time to do so, it is better for you to hire a designer to help you. You may have hired a wedding planner and you may also let the wedding planner arrange it for you. However, the baseline is that you have to write your own messages on the tags!