Toggle Clasps – Keeps Your Jewelry Secured

If you’re a jewelry designer, you’re probably already aware of the amount of competition there is for the handmade jewelry dollar. It can be frustrating when you exhibit at a jewelry or craft show and find you’re one of many jewelry exhibitors. What’s the best way to overcome this problem? Your answer may lie in harnessing the power of niche marketing for your jewelry business. Why? It’s easier and less costly to reach your market if you’re a specialist in your jewelry niche. Being a specialist also gives you added credibility.

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Lighting is very important. Craft shows are known for poor lighting so you must use extra lights to make sure your booth stands out from the crowd. Well placed lighting can make an incredible difference toys in your sales.

When you are ready, begin with sliding one crimp onto the cord. Be careful not squash the crimp. Thread in the seed beads until the whole length of cord is covered but leave a space for the flat feature bead and for making a knot. Slide in the second crimp followed by the flat bead onto the nylon cord. To close the handmade ring, take one end of the nylon bead cord and insert it into the first crimp. Then tighten the ring by pulling both ends of the cord. As soon as your handcrafted ring has been formed, squash the crimps to secure the nylon bead cord. The excess nylon bead cord is cut as near as possible to the crimps to have a clean looking handmade ring.

They can be soldered on to bezel cups for displaying cabochons, attaching watch straps or forming part of the end of a chain. The list is endless and jump rings are the most versatile item in handmade jewellery. In Chainmaille jewellery, jump rings are linked together to form different patterns. Byzantine is the most common weave in the U.K. but there are many different designs. The European 4 – 1 was supposedly the weave which was used in chainmaille armour used initially by the Celts over 2000 years ago.

Using string, plastic or hemp will make the jewelry more comfortable and offers the opportunity to make the piece even more unique with knots and braided designs. Although these mediums are often looked at as being for a young generation, they make a very attractive piece for any age.

Thru trial and error many of us developed a more professional and successful approach to selling our handicrafts. Something we can learn from the experience of other Jewelry Artists. Rena Klingenberg had written this e-book “Ultimate Guide to Your Profitable Jewelry Booth”. It is a step-by-step information resource to bring your home business one step further, out to Shows, Fairs and Festivals. My attention goes to the following sections.

Remember that while they are becoming more committed into the faith, children still need some guidance to keep their focus. Be creative and helpful with your gift, and do not expect them to understand everything grown-up.