What Will Happen To Your Website If You Do Not Apply Seo?

Do a Google search for the Google Keywords External Tool. Once you’ve found it, perform several searches on a keyword or phrase you believe your customers would search on. Focus on less competitive keywords that have a global search volume of 700 to 1000. Perform another Google search on the keyword you just discovered. Did the keyword rank within 250,000 – 650,000 page results? Write an article around that keyword to rank quickly for it. When you’re beginning to apply this strategy, it’s better to rank on the first page of Google for less competitive keywords than page 57 on a highly competitive keyword. Choose 2 keywords for your article.

The problem is what happens once the prospect arrives and starts reading the copy. The bounce rate off of those sites is monumental. It scares business away. Quickly. You have to think of the whole sales process when optimizing your copy. Remember, rankings is a big part of succeeding online, but if you can’t make a sale, does it really matter how high up you are?

A Keyword Rank checker tool basically does that-tells you where you are in search engines. This way, you can determine the best modes of action to increase your rankings. Nevertheless, a http://keywordrankcheckertool.com/ checker tool can do so much more.

If you do paid advertising – your advertisement is assessed on Keyword Rank Checker Tool and keyword phrases and your pay per click rate is higher if you use the mainstream of keywords.

So then, how do you find these high ranking typical article marketing directories in which to link to? Well, you could try searching. Once you have come across a content submission website which you think you might like to send your article to, perform a simple search for something along the lines of ‘page rank checker’. You’ll easily be able to find a website which you can find out the potential page ranks of the sites that you want to submit to.

Once you have a few good keywords you want to plump for, head over to Google (again) and put them into the search box one by one. Now you want to note down the type of sites which are appearing, and how strong they are.

Remember, that the higher the page rank, the better. Google ranks websites out of ten, so anything above five is pretty good. It’s pretty hard to find a site which will allow you to post your link to if it’s a ten page rank… but you never know. Let me know though, won’t you!

With fan pages, you can reach your targeted customers easily. You also have the chance to upload photos and videos you think will be interesting to your visitors. If a Facebook user becomes your “fan”, the friends of that user will also be notified so they will also get to see your fan page and possibly be a Fan too.