Youtube Viral Video Hall Of Fame: Top Three Viral Videos

It looked like a winner at first. On April 19, The Drum – Britain’s equivalent of Adweek – named agency Innocean’s new 60-second Hyundai ix35 video Ad of the Day and Ad of the Week. On the 25th, The Guardian highlighted the spot and urged readers to view it. But by the 26th, Business Insider reports, Hyundai was “desperately” and “unsuccessfully” trying “to make its…video disappear” – by flagging reposts as trademark infringements.

From there, a full video was unveiled showing the prank. The original YouTube video, showed the young woman doing a handstand against a door and “twerking,” before her friend opened the door and sent her crashing down through a table with several lit candles. The woman who had been twerking was then literally “on fire,” and the video soon stopped, lasting not even a minute.

This video makes me laugh every time I see it. Whenever I am in a bad mood I play this and I always feel better. It’s a video of a chubby kid riding a rollercoaster. He can barely fit in the seat right and his straps aren’t fastened properly. So when the coaster really starts going, he begins slipping out of his seat. He then freaks out of course and his aunt just laughs at him. It is a little mean of his aunt to laugh at him, but he flips out so much it’s difficult to not laugh. You just have to watch it to understand.

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The final traffic generation strategy is to use berita terkini Marketing. YouTube will be your platform for this. Get a screen capture software called Camtasia. This software will allow you to capture what you do on your computer screen. Viral marketing works best if you can find a problem someone has in your niche and give the solution. Once you have the solution then perform this solution on your Camtasia software and create a video. Next you upload this video to YouTube and let it go Viral. Once it takes off then add your link in the description letting everyone know to click there to get more information.

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A sign of maturity is the ability to look past our egos and see that there are many around us who need our help. When you’re able to temporarily disregard your own needs and ambitions, you allow yourself to get into the view of every person in the planet interacting on a daily a basis. You are a significant part of this system! So do your bit. Whether it’s through volunteering in a soup kitchen, or giving a down-on-her-luck employee her first break, you’ll soon realize that there is unbelievable joy in helping others.